Spam Scams and How to Avoid

I got a Paypal scam email. This one caught my eye because the scammers did a better than usual job of trying to look legitimate. The email had the right look: it had the right corporate colours, and the right graphics.  It didn’t look immediately out of place, as many of them do. \

Until you read it. It was loaded with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Notice of Update Your Information
Dear Member,
We have faced some problems with your account Please update the account within week .If you do not update will be Limited.

To Update your account, just confirm your informations.(It only takes a minute.)
It’s easy:

Click the link below to open a secure browser window.
Confirm that you’re the owner of the account, and then follow the instructions.
Relog in your account now

I guess, if you’re a scammer, you just can’t easily go out and hire a proper translator without raising a few eyebrows. Cousin Leo, with his 2 years of middle school English, will do just fine.

Here’s my tip on how to avoid all scams and phishing schemes.

  • Just don’t believe the email. Ignore it. Your bank will not contact you this way.
  • If you have business relationships that are internet only (Ebay, affiliate products, Google products, domain registrars) don’t click on any links in the email. If you want to check your account just to make sure, log into your account the normal way by going into your browser, typing in the proper URL, and logging in. If there’s a problem, you should have a message waiting for you.
  • Have a quick look at the Reply-to email. Chances are it’s not from the standard corporate email.
  • Fact check on This site is excellent for demystifying scams,urban legends, fake warnings etc. In fact, before you forward any email that tells you how to protect yourself from fake cops, cancer-causing foods, check with snopes first.

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