Video: The Canadian Blues – A Funny Blues Song

The Canadian Blues: A.K.A My Penis Has Shrunk – video powered by Metacafe


What gives Canadians the blues?

Why, if you ask some holiday revelers at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, it would seem it’s the weather.

“It’s too warm, it’s too cold. My Penis has shrunk.”

The “Cure Your Holiday Blues with Pork in Strange Shorts Holiday Party” was held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on Dec 18, 2006. The festivities included a blues verse-writing contest where guests were given a lesson on how to write the blues by PorkBelly frontman and award-winning author, Paul Quarrington.

After a preliminary judging, the band sang the top 3 verses on stage. Way to go, Joey Bechta, who penned the #1 winning lyrics.

This video shows an abridged version of the song and features Paul Quarrington, Rebecca Campbell, with some killer solos by Paul Reddick of “Paul Reddick + The Sidemen” and Teddy Leonard, formerly of Fathead. Click on the image above to view the video.

The party was hosted by, (this blog’s owner) and, because we worked a lot together during the past year on various BookShort films and on the TV series Moving Stories, and wanted to keep the party going.

A big thanks to all our friends, family and guests who came by for the cure. We raised $200.00 bucks for


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