What We Do

We build great looking web sites that are affordable, easy to use and built for functionality.

Here’s what we can do for you.

Web design
Our job is to come up with the best web site for you, keeping in mind your goals and needs and your budget.

“We love working with authors, filmmakers, bands and other artists.”

There’s no point building a beautiful web site that no one will find or that is too complicated to update so it becomes quickly obsolete. We know what’s hot or not, what Google likes, and how users interact so whether you need a customized WordPress blog, or a large corporate site or magazine, we will design, develop, and build you the best web site for you.

WordPress web sites for bands, writers, and other self-employed artists and entrepreneurs.

We love WordPress and think it is wonderful for building web sites as well as blogs. Cost effective and easily expandable, we have recently created our own WordPress framework for designing easy to update websites. See it in action here on these two sites for authors:



Learn more about why we love WordPress and our web site building philosophy:

Web sites for bands

Web sites for authors, films and filmmakers

Video Production
In this increasingly visual world, video can be the medium to set you apart. Need something for your site or the Internet? For TV? We can write and produce EPK interviews, Music Videos, Book Trailers, Corporate Videos, Live Music Production, Documentary, Red Carpet and Event Coverage..and more.

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing
This is how to make sure you are appearing at the top of the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. We can make sure your site is built for high ranking in Google (that’s “on page” search engine marketing) and even help you devise an “off page” strategy…or how to make sure you gain authority in Google’s eyes.

Vlogs, Video blogging, Internet TV
Need help writing an Internet TV show? We specialize in comedy. But our company name probably told you that.

Audio Production and Podcasting.
Set up your own Internet radio show. We can help you.

We have an eye for images that captivate.

Script writing
Our films have appeared in numerous film festivals and on TV.

Corporate Identity
That’s a fancy name for brand development, logo design, business cards and stationary. We will design you a logo that you will love.